2014 Rod Running
2014 Spring training

I started running for me.. in saying that it was for several reasons. In early 2014 I turned forty-four (it doesn’t seem as bad if I don’t use numbers). I was 15+ pounds over weight, just diagnosed with Celiac (Gluten-Free) and starting to feel the stress of all that in mostly every aspect of my life. I needed a change, not a midlife crisis change but a back to the basics and truly enjoy life again change.

I was always active, not really into sports but did a lot of hiking, hunting and such as I love the outdoors. My lovely wife had been a runner throughout different phases of her life and for her own reasons decided it was time to get back into it again. We do mostly everything together and it took very little encouragement to get me to joining her one summer evening.

I am going to be a runner!!

I hated it.. I couldn’t run five km without feeling like I was going to die a slow painful death and that embarrassing death would be in a pair of shorts that were too tight ( I don’t remember chafing being an issue in my youth) and in the end my body would be found on the side of the road leaking oil like an old truck that finally gave up, instead of sweating like those real runners do!!

I was depressed.. It was very difficult to keep motivated.

I needed a goal, technology (I’m a total nerd) and I needed to be able to research and improve based on that learning though trial and error!! These are the things that will allow me to deal with ANY issue and push through.. Mostly because I focus my brain on the learning and not what I am doing. Some use music.. I use science! 🙂

I purchased several books, read blogs and I visited the poor Running Room in my local mall daily, and then I finally joined Twitter and started adding runners to inspire me. @rod_paul

It worked!!

I decided to go all in ( well really I decided to go all in and my Gazelle of a wife decided to humour me) .. I signed up for a 1/2 Marathon (three in 2013 actually) starting in August ending in October. ( There will be lots of posts coming on all those experiences).

I feel I have learned a lot and I continue to each day I lace up.

In 2014 I have registered for eight 1/2 Marathons, two 10k runs and in October I will be running my very first FULL Marathon (it is the Gazelle’s First too!) .. the sky is the limit and I am hooked. It happened…

I’ve got the running bug 🙂

This Blog will be my attempt to discuss what I have learned, a few funny stories..  but I am not a Doctor and what I have to offer here will be nothing more than my personal opinions on what I have tried (pass or fail), the gear I used or tested, and the Gluten free food we eat. My wife is an amazing chef and our foodie page is all her final dishes after many trial and error sessions and yes I am a very willing tester as even the failures are delicious!!

If you have suggestions please leave me a note. I hope that you will learn from my mistakes, or laugh as you remember early in your own running life making the same ones I have.

And finally I hope you at least leave these pages with a smile or two.




2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Interesting that technology comes up often now days. I too am interested in tech but music is my companion as my wife doesn’t share the same passion and love for running that I have for it. Keep up with the blogging it’s fun 🙂

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