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Review with Jeremy Loveman on running the Deer Lake 67 Ultra

Jeremy Loveman is a Lumber Trader, runner, ultra marathoner, weight lifter,boxer, father and husband from Paradise, Newfoundland.

We met through Twitter (@JeremyLoveman) and I enjoyed  following his training and races in 2014. Most notably for me Jeremy raced the Deer Lake 67 (@DeerLake67) last year. Since this is part of my ultra challenge plans in 2015, I asked him if he would be willing to be interviewed. He graciously accepted.

So Jeremy..

How would you describe Deer Lake 67 to someone who hasn’t run it?

The Terrain is cumbersome, the first go around at k12 mark ( approx.)  you will have a river crossing some people just ran through it I carried water shoes and changed in to them for the crossing. dl67-elevation-chart (1)I found this good as I had a short break to gather my thoughts on how I was doing in time wise, pain wise lol.  Once you get past the high elevation mark kilometer 21 the rest is not too bad.  However the race is won on the trail way (old railway bed) extremely tough, your feet are all over the place, legs are wobbly, feet are tired etc. 


How you describe your 2014 race at DeerLake67? 

It was an amazing experience to be able to compete and complete such a grueling distance and course. I would recommend and challenge others to give it a go. JLoveman 6

It is a feeling like no other … however that feeling could also be that I had way too many Aleve in my system to help with pain LOL.

I suffered for 62 kilometers with my LCL injury, it acted up at the 5k mark, it was absolute insanity and pain but I was determined to finish.

I found it helped to keep talking to yourself to help stay focused, especially on the railway bed, at one point I did not see anyone for one full hour!!! I found myself in a dark place at that point, my leg actually gave out and I fell down it took me over 20 minutes to stand up because of my LCL injury.  

The difference with Ultras to regular marathons in my opinion is you are by yourself a lot, with only a few areas for people to cheer you on. It is a race of the Mind and Body, your body will want to quit so you need to train and exercise your mind and make sure you are always thinking with positive thoughts.

It’s like getting into a boxing ring knowing that the opponent is bigger and stronger than you, knowing you are about to get beat up. You need to dig deep, it’s a similar courage, to the one you need to get in the ring and face that bull. When I used to box I would always say to myself that I am going to beat my opponent no matter if I bloody well knew that I could get my butt kicked.

It’s how you show up at the showdown that counts” I’m not sure who said that… but it is very true. The biggest thing to carry with you is COURAGE and lots of it.


Wow, what was your motivation to keep going when you had such a bad injury?

My personal motivation at that point that let me get back up and keep moving forward was a picture that my daughter This I took just before the race. I looked at it and remember that I told her “you can do anything you put your mind to no matter what the circumstances” and I was not about to let her down.

 I truly could not have done this race without the help of my wife, mom and my daughter. They were my support group and instrumental in me being able to start and finish the race.

So I suggest you carry a little something that may help you if and when you get to that dark place, it is what got me through.


What items are a must and differ in Ultra from a “standard” marathon? What did you carry with you? What went in the Drop bag(s)?  

First off your Hydration pack, mine held 2 liters of liquid as well I was able to carry some foods that I trained with for the added boost of energy. JLoveman 3

There are aid station along the way to replenish your hydration pack as well as different types of foods.  I had over packed my bag due to my injury and I ended up carrying way too much, my back pack was 12 pounds!!! lol .

My Shoes were the Brooks Cascadia they have a rock plate in tJLoveman 2hem as well as ample grip for the cumbersome terrain… I found these to be a fantastic shoe.

Drop bags, definitely spare socks, fresh shirt, any food u may want, spare shoes, Tylenol etc.?JLoveman 7

There are 2 drop bag locations, in total.







 Hydration and Nutrition, what did you did you bring with you or have in drop bags? Did it differ from what you trained with? Carb loading? Product specific.

I Carried Vachon Miami Cakes, JLoveman 5as I trained with that particular food and I find it is easy to consume, with lots of sugar which is what I needed. I also filled my hydration pack with ½ water and ½ Gatorade. I personally do not like gels so I didn’t bother with them. Finally, dry almonds are great for that added boost of nutrition.

How do you suggest training for the event? 

I would plan to do long runs with your back pack on as well a few times with wet feet, to truly mimic the course.  If there is any way that you can train on some sort of abandoned railway bed then I would highly recommend it.  Most keep moving forward; stay positive you will need the inspiration. When I hit the railway bed I used a run 200 steps, walk 100 steps method -rinse and repeat-.

I also maintained a lot of weight training at least four times a week along with my running schedule.

When I started Training I would run Sundays to Fridays ( 6 days a week) Sundays would be my long run which I would increase every other week so

  • one week would be a 16K run
  • the week after on Sunday I would run 21.1K
  • a couple of weeks after that a 30K
  • a few weeks after that I ran 35K
  • Then went back to 11K a day for 4 weeks
  • then ran 42k
  • then in Mid-June I ran 50K.

During my 50K run I had my vehicle parked at a specific location which was at the 8km mark and I had two drop bags in my truck just like I would if I was running the actual race, so after two laps of the ponds (16K) I stopped refueled, changed my clothes, stretched gathered my thoughts and kept on moving forward.

“If you need to sit at the aid stations do not sit for very long as your body will not want you to move”

Weight Training: My daily routine was and still is,

  • 500 Crunches,
  • 100 pushups,
  • 50 – 1 armed push-ups for each arm,
  • 80 pull ups,
  • shoulder shrugs with 40lb dumbbell’s and the reason for shoulder shrugs as running such a long distance your upper arms / shoulders will get very tired!!
  • 40 curls with 40lb dumbbells,
  • Bench press, the roman chair for your core.

The reason I focused on my core so much was simply without a strong core the rest of your body no matter how strong it is will give out. I use the analogy that if you were to hold a 40lb weight with one finger you couldn’t do it for very long, with two fingers a little easier with your whole hand no problem. For this reason your body needs to be exercised all over not just legs or arms as it requires every muscle you have in top shape to complete these Ultra challenges. 

An important factor that I implemented in my strategy was sort of like deprivation training / extreme conditioning. What I mean by this is that I used to run with my shoes extremely loose so that I would actually cause blisters on my feet. The next day with blisters as we know hurt, so I would run the next day with blisters. I look at everything like Murphy’s Law. “What can happen will happen” and as Mike Tyson said everybody got a plan until you get punched in the face. “Be Prepared”


What if anything would you do differently?

I would not have run with my compression shirt as I found it did not breathe right and it caused a lot of muscle cramps. I would also try and recommend getting as much rest the night before as possible. Another important note is sodium tablets I wish I had them, if you take one per hour it will help ease any cramping.


Do you have any last words for someone that wants to follow (uninjured) in your footsteps?

Run Strong, and have the fire in your heart and mind to finish and you will complete this course like a BOSS.

in the end my friends.. the belt buckle says it all. 

JLoveman 4

Thank you Jeremy for all your opinions and advice in this interview. I had a blast re-living your adventure. We all can learn from your success and challenges at the Deer Lake 67.

Remember “Any idiot can run a marathon, but it takes a special kind of idiot to run an ultramarathon.” Anonymous